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AU Plate Flip - 2x (Code: )

AU Plate Flip - 2x
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1. High quality material (1 mm thick metal).
2. Ideal for Australian license plates.
3. Almost instantaneous switching (1.5 seconds).
4. Reliability (work at the speed of 150 km / h).
5. Stealthiness (this looks like an usual anti-vandal frame for a license plate).
6. The new model (the mechanism that will work very long).
7. It doesn't require modification in the design of the car (only a small hole for the cable under the license plate).
8. Ability to connect remote control.

Material of construction Metal 1 mm
The size of the housing frame 410 x 180 x 1.6 mm
For the license plate size 372 x 132 mm
Supply voltage range 12 V
Time coup 1.5 seconds
Work at the speed of 150 km / h




Price: 480.00 USD
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