USA Plate Curtain - 2x (Code: )

USA Plate Curtain - 2x
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USA Plate Curtain - 2x USA Plate Curtain - 2x USA Plate Curtain - 2x USA Plate Curtain - 2x

1.Input voltage: DC 12v
2.Rating current: 0.6A
3.Rating power: 2W
4.Length of wire: 2m×1,3.3m×1, 5.9×1/ external indicator light : 2m
5.Time of ascend and descend: S
6.Control distance: about 50M
7.Weight: 2.5kg
8.Product size: 315*170*25.8mm



USA Standard Stealth License Plate Frame


Material: Iron(Metal)
Product Size: 315*170*25.8mm

1.Anti-concealed camera!
2.Safeguarding the personal privacy!
3.Same as the common car license plate, pretty appearance and covert!
4.Anti-rust, stable quality, for long term use.
5. Fast moves, just need 1.5 seconds, can meet your urgent needs
6.The license frame was made by high quality car board material, high intensity, never get rust. The cushion use aging-prevent army used canvas, can completely afford the sunshine, rain, frost and any high-low temperature or worse environment.


Old price 250.00 USD
Price: 170.00 USD
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