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USA Motorcycle Flip
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USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip USA Motorcycle Flip

High quality metal flipper specially designed for your motorbike.


1. High quality material (1 mm thick metal).
2. Ideal for USA,Canada,Mexico motorcycle license plates (7 x 4 inch or 180 x 100 mm).
3. Almost instantaneous switching (1.5 seconds).
4. Reliability (work at the speed of 150 km / h).
5. Stealthiness (this looks like an usual anti-vandal frame for a license plate).
6. The new model (the mechanism that will work very long).
7. It doesn't require modification in the design of the car (only a small hole for the cable under the license plate).
8. Ability to connect remote control.

The set Includes one license plate frame flipper.
This frame suitable for USA, Canada, Mexico license plate type (for sizes 7 x 4 in)

This is a newest and stable version of the License Plate Flipper.
The best option of the flipper in terms of price and quality.

Specifications(Slim, ver 4.0)

Material of construction Metal 1 mm
The size of the housing frame 8.86 x 5.91 x 0.6 in (22.5 х 15 х 1.5 cm)
For the license plate size of 12 x 6 in
Supply voltage range 12 V
Time coup 1.5 seconds
Work at the speed of 150 km / h


1 frame for the state number
1 engine
1 control button

Unlike previous versions:

The thickness of the frame is now only 16 mm (the old frame thickness 20 mm). Changeling looks like a normal anti-vandal metal frame.
Double-layer powder coating!
More flexible and soft braided rope - a minimum of friction losses in bending the rope and even more easy installation.
Thicker and laminated rope means less friction.
Bushings and plastic guides replaced by stainless steel castors - means no rope frays at points of contact.
The vertical guides on which the moving license plate, replaced by a rail system - it means the absence of misalignment and wedge mechanism from dirt.
The cutouts on the back of the frame - makes it easy to mount the frame, even to a rounded bumper.

On installation and operation

The mechanism frames shifter is simple enough, but the self-installation requires skill and knowledge of the intricacies of the mechanism.
Installation instructions not included because Installation is not universal and depends on each individual vehicle. Experienced master will understand how to install it directly on your vehicle.

At the same time frame requires periodic maintenance - lubrication of rubbing parts 2-4 times a month in the summer and 6-10 times a month in the winter (or more often - depends on operating conditions).
Before installation, be sure to lubricate the drive rope lubricant WD-40 sheds should be on the motor side.
Remember that the rope is a consumable item.

Old price 310.00 USD
Price: 280.00 USD
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