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Buy the Business

What's for sale and why are we selling:


The asking price is $40,000 US Dollars. The sale includes the brand, turn key website, existing inventory and the exclusive rights to sell anywhere in the world. We get the supply from the inventor/creator in which we'll pass to you. We have a contract in which we are the only company that partners with him to sell in the USA and abroad which is why you don't see any other company with this specific product.

There's lots of potential in this business. We still get quite a lot of interest and people still wanting to buy but we have decided to stop selling because although not illegal in many states, some states are considering passing laws to prevent this. This isn't to say it's illegal. Many car additions and after market product such as noisly mufflers are in violation of noise ordnance and many other after market product, but you'll still find them in the market. Perhaps if you will, it may be considered a grey area. The owner has moved on to other ventures so this is not an interest to him any more.

What you are buying is remaining inventory, exclusive rights to sell, turn key website, social sites and manufacturer contacts. You simply need to get product from the person who manufactures it, keep inventory to ship to the customers. This is really a turn key business. Everything is done via website. You can expand on the website and business and sell other car related accessories.


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