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Q.  Do you ship worldwide?

A. Yes, we ship worldwide.  Shipping price will vary depending on destination. It will be calculated during checkout.

Q. Why is the price so high?

A. This is a unique product and contrary to what it looks, it's difficult to manufacturer and quality is good. 

Q. Do I get a discount if I buy more than 1 or in bulk?

A. Yes, we will give you a discount depending on the amount you buy.  Contact us and let's talk.

Q. Do you have size for motorcycle or Euro plate?

A. Yes

Q. Will the cable be long enough for me to flip the plates when I'm in the vehicle?

A. We provide long cable so you can toggle the switch from inside the car while in your drivers seat.

Q. If I want to flip my plates so that both the front and back license plate flip at the same time, how is this done?

A. You'll need to order two plates, run the cables and cross connect them to same toggle switch.

Q. Will the front plate still flip/rotate if I'm going at a high speed?

A. No problem, the front plate will still flip when the vehicle is travelling over 100 mph

Q. Do you provide installation service?

A. No, but if you are a bit handy and follow the installtion videos, it shouldn't be too bad, or get your friend or body shop to assist you. Do a dry test install.

Q. Is this illegal?

A. Before you order, check your local laws to make sure you are not violating it.  There are international customers who have legitimate needs for this type of device.  This isn't really any different than for example a loud muffler which violates noise ordinances, license plate covers, tail light / head light covers, dark tinted driver window, and numerous other vehicle modifications, etc.  It's up to the customer and how they use it which will determine whether their action is considered illegal.  Like the previous examples, you can consider this as a novelty item much like the rest.  We don't condone illegal use and encourage you to use this in a legal and respectful manner as to not ruin it for everyone else.  Don't give the government a reason to ban a cool product. Let's stay cool

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