USA Shutter

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Frame Set:

This is Shutter or Curtain style

Choose either the Single Frame set if you need only 1 Flipper.

Choose the Double Frame set which will include two plates: one for front license plate and another for back license plate.

1.Input voltage: DC 12v
2.Rating current: 0.6A
3.Rating power: 2W
4.Length of wire: 2m×1,3.3m×1, 5.9×1/ external indicator light : 2m
5.Control distance: about 50M
6.Weight: 2.5kg

USA Standard Stealth License Plate Frame

Material: Plastic
Product Size: 32.5 x 17 x  2.5 cm (Check out the Quick Sizer)
1.Anti-concealed camera!
2.Safeguarding the personal privacy!
3.Same as the common car license plate, pretty appearance and covert!
4.Stable quality, for long term use.
5.The license frame was made by high quality material. No probmem in rain, car washes, and any high-low temperature or worse environment.


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USA Flipper

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