AU Shutter

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Frame Set:

Suitable For Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil Size !!

Material: Metal Frame Size: 415×145×20mm,suit for 372mm*132mm!

Installation Instructions: 42 x 14.5 cm  (Check out the Quick Sizer)
1. Use the screws that we collocate to fix the frames on both front and back license plate
2. Pull the connect cables from the left or right hidden cable channels into the Cab.
3. Put the control box in right position of the driver's cabin .
4. When something block the shelter cloth working, the indicate light flashes immediately. That suggests that the car license plate frame needs repair.

Products Characters:
1.Anti-concealed camera!
2.Safeguarding the personal privacy!
3.Same as the common car license plate, pretty appearance and covert!
4.Anti-rust, stable quality, for long term use.
5.The license frame was made by high quality car board material, high intensity, never get rust. The cushion use aging-prevent army used canvas, can completely afford the sunshine, rain, frost and any high-low temperature or worse environment.

Technology parameter:
1,Type: EF001
2,Entering voltage:DC 12V
3,Fixed electric current:0.6A
4,Fixed power:2W
5,Ascend and descend time:2S
6,control distance:about 50M
8,product size:410mm(L)×150 mm(W)×25 mm(H)

Function 1: Press keystroke C, front and back machine shelter or open quickly, only need 1.5 seconds
Function 2: Press keystroke A , the front machine shelter or open quickly.
Function 3: Press keystroke B, the front machine shelter or open quickly.