Euro Flipper

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* Frame Set:

Euro Flipper. This is really nice.

1. This is 2016 Newest Euro size Turning License plate frame

2. Europe size: 55.5 x 15.5 x *25mm (Check out the Quick Sizer)
Products Characters:

1. Anti-rust, stable quality, for long term use
2. The license frame was made by high quality car board material, high intensity, never get rust, can completely afford the sunshine, rain, frost and any high-low temperature or worse environment.

1. Voltage: DC 12V
2. Fixed electric current: 0.6A
3. Main material: iron&plastic
4. Fixed power: 2W
5. Control distance: 50m
6. Weight: 4KGS
7. Wire length: 3m and 5m


From left to right(Normally the HOST installed within range of the dashboard):

Power, to the accumulator;

LED, to the host directly, just put it in your sight;

B interface, 5m wire to the Back frame;

A interface, 3m wire to the Front frame.
How to control the frame?
There are 4 buttons on the HOST: 1 power button and 3 control buttons (A, B, A/B);
Press power button, The LED indicator turns green, at the same time, indicators for the 3 control buttons turn red. Indicate that the systems in working state. When you press the control buttons, the flip frame will auto turn.
A Button: Front frame controlling. Press ONE time, the front frame auto turn ONE time, Press A button once again, the front frame will turn back to its initial state.
B button: Back frame controlling. Work the same as A.
A/B button: Front and back frames controlling. Work the same as A, but this button can control the two frames on the same time.

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