Euro Motorcycle Flipper

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A reliable flipper specifically for your motorcycle.


1. High quality material (1 mm thick metal).
2. Ideal for most European motorcycle license plate sizes(UK,Belgian,Malta,Poland,Sweden,Germany)
3. Reliability (work at the speed of 150 km / h).
4. Stealthiness (this looks like an usual anti-vandal frame for a license plate).
5. The new model (the mechanism that will work very long).
6. Ability to connect remote control.

The set Includes one license plate frame flipper.

This is a newest and stable version of the License Plate Flipper.
The best option of the flipper in terms of price and quality.

License Plate Flipper can also be controlled and the remote control.
It is lightweight and compact key fob, which is easy to carry.

Specifications(Slim, ver 4.0)

Material of construction Metal 1 mm
The size of the housing frame 28 x 23 x 1.5 cm (Check out the Quick Sizer)
Supply voltage range 12 V
Work at the speed of 150 km / h


1 frame for the license plate
1 engine
1 control button