Car Shade


Automatic Car Shade / Umbrella AUTOMATIC with Remote

This is the Automatic Model (not the cheap, manually operated one).  Show the Sun who is boss.  Keep your car super cool and clean with this shade.  Very cool and unique product, surely to impress anyone.

Product Size: 4800mm x 2300mm
Fold Size: 22cm x 85cm
Carton Size: 23cm x 23cm x 88cm
Net Weight.:5.3KG
Color: Dark Blue , Black, Silver Gray, Coma
Quality Grade: High quality material

1. Wireless Remote control automatic 8seconds folded
2. UV-proof & Waterproof
3.Dual Windproof design up to 7 level (Adjustable Windproof hook and Windproof snap fastener )
4. Anti-aging
5.Anti-thief safety rope
6. Eco-friendly
7. Sun Insulation/Heat Insulation
8. Heat protection , temperature difference up to 35 degrees
9. Ventilated, heat won't transmitted into the car
10. Car Protection, dust proof etc
11.Modern, Leisure,Safety,durable, Quick installation and easy operation