AU Flipper

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* Frame Set:

Rare Size! For Australia and similar countries. Choose Single or Double. Installation is more advance, please follow the custom instructrions rather than the Standard version.


1. High quality material (1 mm thick metal).
2. Ideal for Australian license plates.
3. Almost instantaneous switching (1.5 seconds).
4. Reliability (work at the speed of 150 km / h).
5. Stealthiness (this looks like an usual anti-vandal frame for a license plate).
6. The new model (the mechanism that will work very long).
7. It doesn't require modification in the design of the car (only a small hole for the cable under the license plate).
8. Ability to connect remote control.

Material of construction Metal 1 mm
The size of the housing frame 41 x 18 cm (Check out the Quick Sizer)
Supply voltage range 12 V
Time to rotate 1.5 seconds
Work at the speed of 150 km / h 
Installation is more complex than standard version. Please follow the custom version guide.  This unit is better built and better quality but installation is more challenging.